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from Parents

For 18 months Mariza has cared for our daughter. It is in big part due Marizaís teaching style and constant care that our daughter (2.5 years old) is now ready for pre-school. She already knows most of her Alphabet, can sing full-length songs and is a creative, happy and well-adjusted child. Having your child in daycare for such big part of the day can be tough, and finding the right place isnít easy. But the first time we had stepped into Readiness Family Daycare, we knew we found the right place for our daughter. Now, expecting our second child, we are delighted that we know exactly who will care for him/her when the time comes. THANK YOU Mariza and staff for all that you do!


Shachar and Ariel

Both of our sons started with Mariza at 10 months old, and loved it from day one. Mariza offers so much more than the typical day care facility does. She integrates lessons, projects, experiential learning, and home cooked meals. She has dedicated nearly her whole home to her business, creating a variety of great spaces for the children. Our sons have really blossomed intellectually, emotionally, and socially, and seem to be well ahead of their peers from other daycare situations. I would encourage interested parents to visit Readiness Daycare to see for themselves.


Mariza has worked for us for many years. Her work habits, loyalty and ethics are impeccable. She is a warm and delightful young woman who took loving care for our child.



I should begin by saying that Iíve never been compelled to write a letter of this nature before. However, because of the overwhelmingly positive experience with Mariza it is my pleasure to do so. She has touched all of our lives in so many ways and we are grateful for her help. The proof of her effectiveness is to watch Sienna respond to her arrival with squeals of delight and a mad dash towards her. Mariza is both resourceful in finding ways to engage Sienna in learning activities. It is with great joy then that I write this recommendation.


Tanya and Chris

I am happy to write this letter of reference for Mariza. She has created a very special relationship with my son she is wonderful at engaging my son Ilan with many activities whether is inside or outdoors. She helps create interest in books, animals, artÖand always hoping to teach Ilan new things. I have nothing but glowing things to say about her.



I am so pleased to be able to write this letter on behalf of Mariza. The first time I saw Mariza with my son I knew that she was the kind of person that I wanted to help me care for my son. She has always been loving, kind and patient with him. Not only does she take care my son but also she teaches him, plays with him, and read to him.

Best Regards,


From my Teacher

It is with great appreciation that I write this letter for Mariza. As an instructor, I am always delighted to have a responsible, well-organized and committed student. Mariza is that and more. She is always ready to work on extra projects. She was also an active officer in our Early Childhood Education Club.

Very Truly Yours,

Gwen Dophna
Associate Professor

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