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Overall Approach

Readiness Family Daycare believes that infants and toddlers schedule and catered to individually. Our day is structured to include many options. Since we believe that preschoolers need to learn to make their own choices, we have a long period each day for learning-center choice activities. These may include art, music, dance and movement, reading, and mathematics readiness, Pre-writing skills, science, social studies, cooking and more. We create the curriculum using a combination of the childrens' developmental needs and their interests. Our program is bilingual and we teach in English and Spanish.

Programs for Each Age Group

We enjoy working with infants and we are warmly responsive to their needs. All interactions are characterized by gentle, supportive responses in a simple language with frequent eye contact. We respond to sound they make as the beginning of communication, playful interaction with babies is done in ways that are sensitive to the child's level of tolerance for physical movement, louder sounds, and other changes.

For the Terrific Two and Three Year Old we focus on language and communication skills, particularly as they relate to sharing, problem solving making friends and developing self-help skills.

For the Thrilling Three or Four Year Old and the Fabulous Five Year Old, the routines are planned to help children in social cooperation, interactive skills, problem solving skills, independent thinking skills, and language skills. Our primary goal is to help these children get ready for a successful transition into kindergarten.

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