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Director and Staff

Director and Staff

Mariza Mendoza is the director of Readiness Family Daycare. Ms. Mendoza grew up in Peru and Spain, with studies in the following areas:

  • Santa Monica College - Certificate in Pre-Kindergarten Teaching
  • Santa Monica College - Certificate in Special Education Teaching
  • University of Valencia, Spain - Languages and Arts
  • Santa Maria Catholic University, Peru - International Business

Ms. Mendoza served her internship at First School in Santa Monica and at the UCLA Pre-K Village. Included in her internship was work with disabled children and work focused on improving childrens' motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social and emotional interactions. Ms. Mendoza is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Latin.

The staff at Readiness Family Daycare is made up of experienced childcare providers who have been trained in child development and early education specific to the infant, toddlers and pre-school age group.

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